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The pilcrow, pictured left, is my favorite editing mark. It indicates breaking for a new paragraph, introducing a new idea, taking a pause between concepts.

This blog, Pilcrows & Progress, covers topics related to writing, editing, marketing, freelancing, and other subjects with loosely connected dots. Every document I edit, book I read, story I write is an opportunity to learn – and then to share.

Please submit your questions and ideas for topics – I’d love to respond.

The More Things Change…

Categories: editing, general
A quick life update: I recently accepted a position at Lendio as their copy editor. Lendio is a fintech company that focuses on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to obtain funding by matching them up with one of 75+ funding…
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Celebrating Dictionary Day

Categories: general
There truly is a holiday for everything, and today is Dictionary Day. The origin of this holiday seems legit enough – Noah Webster was born October 16, 1758. He didn’t publish the first version of his dictionary until 1806. Fun…
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State of the Uniom (sp)

Categories: editing
Yes, I just posted yesterday, but this was too much not to share. Tonight, politicians and puppets and a lot of old white guys will gather here in DC. They have all been invited to the State of the Uniom address.…
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Dream Job?: The Post

Categories: editing
Yesterday, I went to see The Post, a movie based on the true story of The Washington Post’s decision about whether or not to publish top-secret government documents concerning the Vietnam War. Spielberg and his team did an amazing job creating…
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Misplaced Modifier: Worst Gift Ever

Categories: editing
When I said these Monday posts would most often be short, I meant it. This week’s edition of “Why You Should Hire an Editor” is dedicated to Perez Hilton. His entertainment site is a blog with a huge following more…
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More Blogging in 2018 (And an Unfortunate Headline)

Categories: editing, marketing
I’ve laid out a plan for 2018 that should have me blogging more frequently (just like everyone always says!). Starting today. Each Monday, I’ll share something editing or marketing related that caught my eye. It may be something concerning or something funny. It…
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Finding Joy in Rejection

Categories: writing
In the past two weeks, I’ve hit some writing milestones. I submitted my first piece for publication on October 31. I’ve been writing stories for as long as I’ve been able to string words together but despite positive feedback, I’d…
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Writing Prompts

Categories: tools
Ever suffer from the dreaded writer’s block? While plenty of folks will tell you there’s no such thing, many of us have had those days when we sit down to write and nothing comes out. Recently, I was listening to…
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Books for Writers

Categories: tools, writing
If you’ve ever identified yourself as a writer, you’ve probably heard of Stephen King’s On Writing and Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. Both are excellent books that I’ve enjoyed. However, today I wanted to share some books that are less about the…
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Question? Idea for a Post?

If you have a question or would like me to address a specific topic about editing, marketing, writing, or anything else, please send it my way via my contact form or social media.


  • <input class="jpibfi" type="hidden" >Here is a super cute idea to upcycle an old shirt into a classy cat collar to give your cat a new look. How adorable is the cat in its new collar! You can even match it with a bow tie or a…
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  • A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world.
  • So much of death is a mystery, between how and when we’re going to go, if there’s anything beyond the grave—you know, all the pleasant stuff. But while a lot of this is out of our control, there is one aspect of our impending deaths that we usually can choose: what happens to our body.
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